$99 UX Class in Santa Monica



Learn the fundamentals of User Experience Design in this 2 hour course that will give you an overview of the core topics of what User Experience is all about. You will lean:

  • Sketching and Prototyping:

This is the foundation of all good User Experience Design. This will teach you the basics of how to take a concept and turn it into the blueprint for a website, mobile app or software application.

  • Building:

This part of the course will give you an overview of the industry standard software you’ll need to learn in order to kick-start your career. We will be walking you through an exercise on one of the more popular web-based programs.

  • Creating:

Now you’re going to take everything you learned an apply it to you first portfolio piece. You will be given a concept, and this concept will be your task

  • Next Steps:

Now that you have an understanding of what UX Design is all about, we’ll talk about what the next steps are for you. Do you want to take it DIY and learn by yourself? Would you like to continue on in the next step of the immersive UX Design course? Maybe 1-on-1 instruction is better for you. Here, we will map out the next steps in your path to a new career.