A seasoned digital professional with over 15 years of experience, Stephen has worked directly with high-profile brands including Google, Bank of America, Mattel, Disney and Toyota to name a few. He is an expert at the conceptualization and execution of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, complex data-driven websites, development of intricate digital ecosystems for consumer and B2B markets, SaaS software and the use of analytics tools to optimize digital properties to increase the ROI for clients based on tactical strategy and deep research of the end-users.

He is a skilled manager with several years of experience in leading teams of UX designers and developers. As Managing Director at Agentes Consulting, he coordinated all creative and resources, mentored junior professionals within the organization and collaborated with the group to create efficiency and reinforce a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility. As UX Director, he oversaw multiple UX initiatives while addressing team member strengths and weaknesses, allowing him to develop plans to help his team grow and recognize leadership potential in those whom were groomed for advancement.

Stephen has a firm commitment to championing diversity within the technology sector. By launching a number of initiatives via Agentes Consulting, collaborating with others who are organizing to create a more level playing field in the tech industry for women and minorities.

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