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Experience Mornings – Episode #4 – “The Hustle,” User Experience & User Interface

In the 4th episode of Experience Mornings, I take you through my morning routine, when things are in “hustle mode,” busy and rushing around. The topic revolves around how your day-to-day life, “your hustle,” impacts your experience with user interfaces.

Experience Mornings – Episode #3

In this episode, Self Perception & Bandwidth, we recap our conversations about Diversity in Tech, Contextual Design, HCI (or Human-Computer Interaction) and we begin to tie it all together to talk about how you perceive yourself, as well as you contextual infrastructure (internet speed, device type, etc.) impacts your experience.


Experience Mornings – Episode #2

In the second episode of “Experience Mornings” I continue my conversation about Diversity in the tech industry, and start the conversation about Contextual Design and HCI, or Human Computer Interaction.

Experience Mornings – Episode #1

This is the first episode of “Experience Mornings,” a new video series that explores thoughts on design and tech while drinking coffee and wearing a robe. Today’s topic: #diversity in #tech in #SiliconBeach and, of course, my #dog Astro.



User Experience, Cyber Security & Cultural Relevance – UCLA Lecture

This is an excerpt taken from a lecture I gave at UCLA to a Cultural Anthropology class in 2014. The content revolves around personal Cyber Security in online environment, online privacy and what is acceptable in our culture.

Wayback Machine Monday – Internet Week 2013 / UX and Cybersecurity / Visual Vocabulary

As part of my new strategy for my site, I’m pulling out some video and blog posts from the archive. It’s a really interesting to get some context around my career. Below is a video from last year, when I was the Director of UX at Agentes Consulting.

Stephen Ruiz from Agentes Consulting shares some insights about UX (User Experience) and Cybersecurity, defines the idea of a Visual Vocabulary and introduces Jayna Wallach, our new Director of Business Development in New York City. We’re also giving you a little insight into our time at Internet Week NYC 2013.

NExTWORK Design Package Video with music by Stephen Ruiz

NExTWORK Conference, short clip from M-A-D on Vimeo.

Sponsored by Juniper Networks with Sessions by WIRED and The Economist, the NExTWORK conference took place on June 22, 2011 in NYC. 200 business leaders, academics, futurists, economists and technologists convened for a full day of presentations and panel discussions on issues of networking, “the value, the challenges, the opportunities.”

Their directive was to create an abstract and artistic–but conceptually relevant–opening video to bring attention to the stage and inspire the audience. Our visual solution evokes themes of intersection, progress and exponential connectivity.

M-A-D created the conference videos as well as the information screen graphics displayed throughout the day.

Director/sound editor/designer Erik Adigard, with Patricia McShane, AfterEffects designer Steve Ogden, music tracks from Stephen Ruiz (aka DJ Stephen R) & images from Tatiana Plakhova